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  1. Ultrasound provides detailed images of the abdominal organs, heart and blood vessels leading to the brain.
  2. Ultrasound is able to detect solid masses in abdominal organs and thyroid. These are often the sites of primary cancers or the sites of metastatic carcinomas.
  3. Ultrasound improves the time to diagnosis by finding visible abnormalities that can either be followed, biopsied, or taken directly to surgery for correction. 
  4. Ultrasound is clinically proven to have high sensitivity and specificity for certain cancers.
  5. Ultrasound allows you to skip further costly imaging with certain screening findings.
  6. Ultrasound provides instant results. If there is an abnormal finding, it will be known immediately and can be communicated by one of our physicians or Advanced Practice Clinicians (Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner) to your doctor for urgent follow-up.
  7. Ultrasound is a painless screening, no needles involved.
  8. Ultrasound is low cost with high value return. Have an ultrasound done for a fraction of the cost of other testing.
  9. Ultrasound is portable. It is a powerful diagnostic tool that can be done in our office, brought to your event or even your home.
  10. Over 80% of all strokes are caused by embolic events (plaque or clots going to the brain). Carotid ultrasound screening directly visualizes arteries that are the primary culprit for these plaques.
  11. Ultrasound directly visualize the arteries with disease in the abdomen that are not detectable by blood screening.
  12. Ultrasound is able to find abnormalities in the size and function of the heart that can indicate heart failure.
  13. Ultrasound is clinically proven to diagnose peripheral vascular disease (PVD). PVD is one of the leading causes of amputation and death in diabetics. 
  14. Ultrasound is able to distinguish between benign and pathologic findings, this is important in eliminating  false positives (indicating you have disease when you don't), eliminating false negatives (indicating you don't have disease when you do) and increasing positive predictive value (indicating you have disease that is actually present).
  15. Ultrasound removes the guesswork from screening and gives reliable results for your peace of mind!